Flickering Waves

As this is the first podcast of 2015, this episode tries to bridge the pop culture gap between Christmas and now.  We start with a discussion of the three-night concert celebrating the 20th anniversary for New Granada Records.  There are two brief discussions of movies and TV.  For movies, Terry discusses three of his favorite films from 2014 (Boyhood, Interstellar & The Dance of Reality) as well as two more films (Adjust Your Tracking & The Nasty Girl).  On the TV side, Terry discusses his favorite show of the moment (Togetherness) and gets a bit stuck on how to properly appreciate a specific aspect of the show.

Episode 13 should be right around the corner and it will be a discussion of two movies, the aforementioned The Nasty Girl and Stories We Tell.  Episode 12.5 is also coming and it will celebrate the solo work of Mike Watt.  He is briefly mentioned in this episode but Terry will return to reflect on the four solo albums and two times that Terry has seen him live.  Be sure to join the Facebook group page (The Flickering Waves Podcast) and follow us on Twitter (@flickeringwaves) and subscribe to us on iTunes.  Don't hesistate to leave us a review as well.  Thanks for listening.

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